Louis Vuitton X Supreme – Worth The Hype

Published September 13, 2017 by Dwight Jauregui

Louis Vuitton x Supreme, a line of high end fashion products, has taken the minimum time to rocket to the mid heavens of demand among buyers worldwide. Much of discussions are going about these products and the hype has gone to the optimum extent. But, are these products really worthy of the hype and sensation?


Let’s break it down further to find out whether or not Louis Vuitton x Supreme is really worth the hype.



Both these brands are among the top providers of fashion accessories. Hence, it is expected that their collaboration will produce the highest quality due to their pricing. However, though it may seem that way, designer brands noticeably don’t care all that much for quality. Obviously, their clothing or accessories aren’t cheap in the material they use but in terms of the high prices that are put on these products, the quality does not stand out at all.

Basic raw materials such as cotton are used just like any other clothing brand, which means that there is no extra attention to detail when it comes to the material. In saying that, if you decide to buy a Louis Vuitton x Supreme box logo T-shirt for it’s quality, knowing that the price ranges from $400 to $1000, then you need to second guess what you’re purchasing because all of these products are well over $400 and that’s not because of the quality.
Louis Vuitton x Supreme





This drop involves an inexhaustible collection of backpacks, shirts, jackets, hoodies and much more. Though the Louis Vuitton x Supreme drop did bring a lot of variety in terms of products, many felt that the collaboration was lazy. In saying that, such items like the red Louis/Supreme hoodie was not taken lightly with streetwear hype-beast. Many people thought that the Supreme logo and L’s representing Louis Vuitton’s well known pattern just wasn’t all that great due to the fact that these two huge brands brought such mediocre products.

To contrast, the collaboration wasn’t all horribly bad, such products like the backpacks and bags really gave the collaboration class, and to sum up, helped bring this collection’s like-ability higher.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme




Both these brands, individually hold the reputation for offering highly aesthetic and fashionable products which continues in their collaboration as well. Thus, investing in these products, you get such collections that are widely admired. Though, the drop didn’t do so well in terms of like-ability, sales did not drop at all. This collaboration was all about the names and the reputation. Anybody who is seen wearing these pieces are obviously going to turn some heads while showing off their wealth.

So, if one were to say that this collaboration was all about the title would not be wrong at all. Louis Vuitton x Supreme are known as being pop stars of modern fashion and those who choose to buy these clothes or accessories will most definitely get their money’s worth in status.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme



To Sum Up

Considering the points stated above, it will be wise to state that buyers should get the optimum value in return for the money that they invest in  products. In saying that, the huge demand for the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection and its massive hype really seems to be worthy, but for the majority it really isn’t. By buying these products, you can stand assured one thing: status. 

So to rephrase the question, do you think Louis Vuitton x Supreme is worth the hype? Let us know down in the comments with your opinion!

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