How To Promote Your Clothing Brand

Published August 23, 2017 by Dwight Jauregui

Branding and launching clothing brands are the biggest challenges relating to starting a clothing brand. Nowadays, competition has become fierce for businesses in the fashion industry. Everybody, especially street-wear hype beast, just can’t get enough of trending clothing and it seems though it’s becoming more difficult for new up and coming clothing lines to get a buzz. Constantly, new brands are being produced and there always seems to be much ambition for the first couple months until reality kicks in, which creators begin to back out of their goals. Most lack success due to the fact that most businesses fall short of maintaining a presence within their brand or establishing a sense of value to their consumers. It seems that clothing brands tend to blind themselves from the fact that while creating a clothing line, there needs to be accurate budget usage and efficient promotional execution to achieve marketing success.

In saying that, here are few ideas to implement your promotional strategies to help promote your clothing brand the right away.


Target Audience

Asking yourself whether you know your target audience should be the first step to look at. If your clothing brand’s main focus is to sell clothing to everyone then you need to funnel out unnecessary audiences. Figure out where does your clothing brand fit. Is it targeted to older or younger people, is it high end or affordable, and etc.. Question yourself and your brand before you use the tips below in order to funnel your clothing brand to a more focused target in order to optimize more efficient methods to promote your clothing brand.


A Catchy Tagline

Create a differentiation by coming with a catchy tagline or some slogan connecting your targeted audience emotionally to your clothing brand. If you are, for instance, targeting a street wear audience that loves to skate, consider rallying them with a common reason such as freedom in skating or skating street-wear. Inspire yourself by using influences that are common to your brand. Also get creative with it, gain inspiration with other catchy slogans, tagline, or phrases in lyrics to help your brainstorming process. Once you’ve created a tagline, stick with it so your audience can identify with your promotional products.


Social Media

Social media is the best promotional strategy platform for your clothing brands marketing. In these platforms you can give exciting new content such as photos, blogs, and new pre-released clothing. Using social media as a tool is important because it builds the majority of your audience. In saying that, consistency is most definitely key when using this tool, so make sure to be posting daily when it comes to social media.


Launch Brand Giveaways

Giveaway campaigns are powerful and can result in excellent exposure for clothing brands within initial weeks of launch. This initial period ensures clothing brands get sales. Sales are important but brand exposure needs to trump the sales. This is the time to brand with giveaways; it may be some prize or your products itself but it’s worth it. Promote giveaway campaigns on the social media channels and website to help promote your clothing brand.


Identify a Promotional Partner

Identifying promotional partners can help in entering the market segment by having an edge on the competition levels. For instance, a brand specializing in one product may also have your similar items and it is best to partner with that brand to promote offerings. This basic strategy is used all over the fashion industry, clothing brands such as Supreme and Adidas make huge profits in their collaborations. The partnership power in the clothing industry is sure to do wonders. Check for promotional strategies that are being used by your favorite clothing brands and mimic their techniques.



If you have money or any connections, get celebrities as endorsement strategies. Since they themselves have a following already, a shout-out could be very crucial. If you are having trouble reaching out to a well known influencer, don’t give up just yet. Try to send consistent and respectful emails asking them for their consideration, but make sure not to do it too frequently because you might just annoy them. Incase you face no success, rather try pursuing emerging talent to promote your brand. New talent is far more open to upcoming brands than well established influencers due to the fact that new influencers are more likely to work with brands they like. Encourage and nurture the talent so that your clothing brand receives the desired exposure.


Simply Ask Around

This method is maybe one of the most overlooked marketing strategy because it works if its done right. Though, it may be annoying to go around asking people to buy your clothing, it most definitely can work if you fit it in a conversation. The thing about physically promoting your brand is that you can create a relationship with people who would like to be a part of it. If your consumer can see you as a real honest person trying to do what’s best for the costumer than they are more likely to join your brand, especially if you have no following what so ever. Physical promotion builds a trust meaning that if your client trusts you then they are going to link that trust with your product causing a stronger following as well as more sales.



If you’re a small brand trying to get your foot in the door in the clothing industry, then we at Draped Up recommend that you follow these and build upon what you learned here on using market strategies that help promote your clothing brand. There are many different ways to expand your clothing brand to newer heights but you must start off with the basics and these tips should help cover the surface.

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