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Draped Up is Bringing Quality Apparel to the Global Community.

An e-commerce platform aimed at building a market that connects the consumers and entrepreneurs both online and offline. We hope to bring in unison millions of buyers and sellers under the same market condition to create a favorable environment that supports profitability and fair pricing. Helping people look good by finding the right apparel from the right source. We offer the right tools to bring out the best out of every entrepreneur. We are rethinking and reimagining business in a way to help empower individuals, businesses, and communities.

Shop for fashionable items

  • Discover new clothing brands, styles and clothing you can’t find anywhere else
  • Get curated recommendations tailored to your taste
  • Subscribe to your favorite boutiques, clothing brands and independent resellers where you can find deals on exclusive and top branded items.

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draped up
draped up

Sell your fashionable goods

  • Within minutes, you can open a store and offer unique fashion items to the world
  • Establish a successful business at your own pace
  • Reach customers all over the world, online and offline

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Join a fashion community

  • Connect with buyers and sellers from around the world.
  • Collaborate the Draped Up community to design the next fashion trends
  • Share the passion of the Draped Up community.

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How can I become a seller?

If you want to sell your apparel on Draped Up, make sure they fit within our Seller Policy. Then, visit draped-up.com/sell to set up your shop. It only takes a few minutes to set up an eCommerce business.

How do I get paid?

Draped Up process payments through PayPal. Customers will be forwarded a checkout link via PayPal. The buyer pays through the checkout link, the money goes straight into your account. You are advised to only ship goods after confirmation of the payment. Processing of the payment will automatically bring up the buyer’s address through our mailing system. You will be sent an email of the transaction details from support@draped-up.com and service@paypal.com

Can sellers make a living selling on Draped Up?

Of Course! Our sellers range from streetwear enthusiasts to professional merchants who have a broad range of personal and professional goals. Whether you are a part time seller or full time fashion merchant, our platform supports your business. You can make extra income or make a living via our market platform.

Where do the funds go when I sell an item?

You will immediately receive money in your PayPal account after a buyer purchases your item.

I just sold an item on Draped Up, what’s next?

After a user purchases, an automated message of the buyer’s shipping address and other information will be forwarded to you. You are to ship the purchased item immediately backed with a tracking number, otherwise you may not be eligible for PayPal or Draped Up protection.

Are there any fees?

You will be able to recoup 100% of your sales. That’s because we are still in the beta phase.

When should I ship out a sold item?

It is recommended that you only ship out an item after you have been able to confirm that you have received  the payment in your Paypal account. This can be checked and confirmed by checking your Paypal transaction history and checking the listing to be marked as sold.

How do I refund/cancel a transaction?

Identify the transaction to be refunded in your Paypal account and click on the “refund” prompt. Afterwards, please follow the fee refund request prompt on the original listing page in order to process the fee refund. The refund will not be complete until the listing is marked as “Completed” on the PayPal statement.

How can I join the Draped Up community?

To become a member of the Draped Up shopping community, create a free account by clicking ‘Register’ on our homepage.

How do I purchase an item?

When you see something you like, add the item to your cart (you will have to sign-up or log-in to the site). When your are ready check out, you will be redirected to a check out page where you will be sent a link to checkout using PayPal. After sending your payment through PayPal you will be directed back to Draped Up.

I received an item I purchased and it did not come as described, how do I get a refund?

In the situation that any item purchased from a seller does not accurately describe the item in terms of authenticity, color, condition, fabric and/or measurement, then we recommend reaching out to the seller for a mutually satisfactory resolution. If the dialogue option does not resolve the dispute, we will help to institute a PayPal option for a full or partial refund.

What if there is an issue with the transaction? (Seller does not ship item, item is damaged, etc.)

All payments on Draped Up are done safely through PayPal. PayPal has fantastic buyer and seller protection and Draped Up offers our own Buyer and Seller Protection on top of that. In the event of any issue with the transaction, we encourage both the seller and buyer to communicate for a full or partial refund. If issue is unable to be resolved by both parties, then we  encouraged you to utilize PayPal by filing a claim in order to recover your payment. The last option will be to contact Draped Up to initiate a mediation between the two parties.

I bought an item, but the seller is not responding.

If the seller hasn't replied after 7 days, you are advised to wait for an extra 48 hours. In the event that the seller does not respond, please fill a PayPal dispute to retrieve your money. You can contact us if you need any help filing a dispute.

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