Why Are The Best Streetwear Brands Always On Top?

Published October 31, 2017 by Dwight Jauregui.

The best streetwear brands impress their buyers with strong purpose, formidable consistency, and trendy clothing. Though, the market has the availability of various brands, the attires from the leading brands are a class apart from the collection of the mediocre brands.


Let’s explore the key points that contribute towards making the best streetwear brands.



the best streetwear brands


One of the most important factor that defines a successful streetwear brand is its purpose. Now, what could we possibly mean by this? Well, the purpose is the reason why these brands want to be a part of fashion. It’s an identity that separates one brand from another. For example,  streetwear brands such as Supreme and H&M both have obvious reasons as to why they do what they do. One wishes to be extremely authentic and resemble a snapshot of today’s current counterculture of the youth, while the other wishes to make fashion accessible and cheap, thus opening up doors to people who can’t afford an expensive Gucci tee. By connecting a purpose to a business, it establishes longevity as a purpose creates goals in order to meet with standards whilst creating an identity giving the consumer a reason to buy their products rather than the competitor.



the best streetwear brands

Strict Consistency   

Another prominent point of difference that separates the leading brands from their competition is the ability of bringing out products in a consistent pattern, following a particular system. Whether it’s fast fashion or seasonal drops, top brands will orient themselves around a protocol for which they will stick too. Though some brands have different systems, as mentioned a few moments ago, known as fast fashion or seasonal drops, they all fall into their own niche.

For example, Supreme falls into rare streetwear by creating completely new pieces every season without worrying too much about trends. The same can’t be said about fast fashion brands such as H&M, which fall into frequent streetwear as they make sure to quickly produce solid quality products replicating the latest fashion trends. Moreover, both styles have their own specialty catering to their market but it’s not the particular specialty that makes these brands successful, but instead their strict consistency with their system. Releasing products when they need to be released.



Knows What’s Trending

Fashion Trends are highly dynamic and it keeps changing at a massive pace. With that said, it becomes tough for the buyers to keep pace with the ongoing changing trends. Fortunately, the collection of the top providers always complies with the prevailing and emerging trends, which makes it easy for the mass to stay on top of relevant fashion. This successful trait of staying relevant with today’s fashion world is very important as the mass consumers always want to be up to date with fashion, but can’t find the time to do so.

In saying that, consumers trust fashion brands to be up to part with what is currently fashionable. If a brand does not, at the very least, addresses or expands upon what’s fashionable at the moment, such brands will be quickly forgotten or lose a great amount of revenue. This is why brands such as Zara or Forever 21(F21) do so well as they stay on top of all fashion trends giving their consumers easy access to the fashion world. Moving forward, what about brands like Supreme? Well these brands still follow trends but they cater to a particular audience that’s more youthful and rebellious, giving them more room to ignore the status quo. Overall, brands that really establish themselves in today’s fashion realm are always on top of the latest trends contributing towards their success.



To Sum Up

With the many streetwear brands that are within the fashion industry, it is understandable that these key points may not entirely make up for all the success that brands like Supreme and H&M possess. In saying that, the key points that were mentioned: purpose, strict consistency, and trendy clothing, all play a huge factor for making those brands on top of the fashion chain. In the fashion industry a clear direction with complete focus is the only way to gravitate a brand towards success.

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